Executive Technology Briefings

Our Executive Technology Briefings are tailored for a select group of individuals, and attendance is by invitation only. If you're eager to be part of this experience, we encourage you to reach out to Bailey Hanley, to secure your spot.

Aside from the stimulating conversation on hot-button technology topics, our Executive Technology Briefings provide a perfect platform for building connections with like-minded industry leaders. Indulge in community, discussion and expand your professional circle during our engaging dinner and networking sessions.

In the past we have hosted events on the topics of artificial intelligence, increasing efficiency and productivity through augmentation and automation, and other topics that are pertinent to the ever changing world of tech. Our briefing about AI on 5/25 offered a unique opportunity for company owners, presidents, and other leaders to gain a comprehensive understanding of artificial intelligence and unlock its tremendous potential in the swiftly changing business landscape.

Our next Executive Technology Briefing will be on 8/3. After dinner and drinks, we will discuss increasing your team's efficiency and productivity through augmentation and automation. Discover how cutting-edge technologies can transform your business and empower your workforce to achieve desired growth targets.

For inquiries and registration, please contact: Bailey Hanley
Email: [email protected]