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We do everything we can to nurture and support innovation and entrepreneurship. Check out the different initiatives, events, and programs we are involved in and how we create impact for our community.
We have clients and partners share their story and journey to becoming a founder and building a product. Our webinar series helps address some of the challenges faced when building a product and approaches used to produce a successful product.
We support and celebrate product creation and development through the Lift Product Summit. We are always excited to share our knowledge and expertise in the product field by participating as keynote speakers and product experts.
Innovators Roundtable is a quarterly gathering of corporate innovation leaders to discuss innovation challenges and insights. We gather to share experiences and to discuss new approaches and ideas.
We work with i.c.stars, a workforce development nonprofit, that provides training and professional development for underserved young adults. We support the provision of training, mentorship, and events to inspire entrepreneurship and community leadership.
We work with the Fisher College of Business to mentor students through product management and product creation. We work with students on real-world problems that encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.
Formerly only offered through our incubator partners, we have opened our Product Learning Lab to the public. If you have a great idea for a digital product and have committed to making your vision a reality the Product Learning Lab will walk you through the basics of how to get started. Learn how to build personas, define your epics and features, draw the line for your MVP and more.
We partner with Rev1Ventures, an investor startup studio, that helps young startups and entrepreneurs through mentorship and funding. We work with Rev1Ventures to encourage and nurture entrepreneurship and the building of better, more successful companies.
We are digital product experts with over 25 years of experience, and we want to share that experience by becoming a technology and digital product advisor for nonprofit boards, startups, and mid-market companies. We are passionate about building transformative digital products which is why our team members have committed their time for a technology advisory position pro-bono.
We are proud to partner with and sponsor <BLK hack> for events and networking that encourages and inspires entrepreneurship and professional development for people of color. We share our experience in development and design to teach and inspire young entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts.
AWH supports the State of Ohio to fill full-time hourly contract positions through a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for IT Staff Augmentation Services.
We partner with Singularity University to encourage and promote innovation and entrepreneurship. We share our experience and expertise in building complex digital products and developing a successful startup.
The Founder’s Manual was written by our very own Ryan Frederick. In this essential guide, Ryan shares his experience as a Founder along with countless insights, gained from years spent working closely with scores of start-up companies.
We are proud partners of Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, a community that is focused on fostering and encouraging entrepreneurship. We help educate and empower founders to build more successful products and companies.
If you’re a professional who plies a craft or skill, be it legal, accounting, advising, design, programming, or any from a long list of business services, and you’re thinking about starting or trying to grow a services firm, this book is for you!
Color Coded Lab is on a mission to help people of color break into the tech industry. We are honored that they are allowing our team to provide teaching assistance, individual mentorship, and conduct workshops as part of their cohort.
The best way to avoid creating a product that will end up chasing customers is to create the product with customers as part of a Customer Advisory Board. If customers helped to define the problem and create the solution, they just might be more likely to want to have and use the product.