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Some problems that our clients have experienced include:

Purchase or Service Friction
If customers can’t easily engage with you, buy from you, and have a great, frictionless experience doing so, then there is room for improvement. We have helped clients in manufacturing, retail, financial services, logistics, healthcare, and more to remove friction around engaging with and serving customers. We've created self-service portals so customers can place and track orders in just a few clicks. We've helped clients create online design tools so their customers can design customized products, increasing sales through customer ownership of purchases.


Data Silos
It is impossible to be data-driven while having data spread across disparate places. Nothing inhibits a company’s ability to be data-driven like not having a holistic data picture. Being data-driven is about making faster, more informed decisions. We’ve engaged with clients to implement data warehouses, design and develop reporting systems and dashboards, and remove data silos so these clients can make faster decisions and serve their customers better.

Relying on Excel as a mission-critical process
Too often a company will try to leverage a multi-faceted tool like Excel far beyond its intended capabilities. A company shouldn’t have data, algorithms, and processes floating around on hundreds of different laptops that they have little control over. We’ve seen large companies that run critical aspects of the business on Excel spreadsheets that get passed around from department to department. This “Excel train”, as we refer to it, is highly inefficient in addition to being insecure. We’ve helped many clients with these Excel trains create web and/or mobile applications that can securely and efficiently manage the required process, leading to much higher productivity.



Lack of system and application integration
The sales team knows about a certain customer, but the operations department doesn't. The machines on the manufacturing floor aren’t connected to each other, or anything else, so we can’t get a holistic view of the process, efficiency, and productivity. These are some recent client challenges that we have heard and are solving. Systems, machines, and applications that aren’t integrated not only create data and information silos but also create operational inefficiency and ineffectiveness. We can bridge this gap and create a high-functioning, integrated process.


“Where are the people going to come from?”
This is a quote from a client who was leaving $1million/month on the table as lost revenue because they couldn't find enough people to do the work needed, and this is affecting virtually every industry now. In the case of this client, we’ve started to work on a robotics project to automate their physical assembly work. Machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and robotic process automation (RPA) are all ways we leverage technology to do more with fewer people. Worker shortages will remain a problem, but we can help you be fewer people dependent by automating many aspects of your operations.

The cloud was supposed to be easy
Big cloud providers would like you to believe that leveraging the cloud is like falling off a log. Click a few buttons and, poof, you are in the cloud and the rest will be taken care of. Not surprisingly, it isn’t that easy, and we’ve had multiple clients come to us after experiencing cloud struggles elsewhere. One had spent $138,000 over
six months before realizing what was racking up the charges was a setting they accidentally turned on. Another was receiving bills as high as $10k/month even though they only had a few small servers implemented. It’s become clear, cloud transition is not for the uninitiated. Big cloud providers make less money the more knowledgeable you are, and that of course isn’t good for their business. We can help you move to and leverage the cloud in a managed, controlled, and secure manner that helps you to reap the benefits while avoiding the financial, operational, and security risks.

“We’re not a technology company”
Leveraging technology to drive growth and solve problems can seem like a challenge if you aren’t inherently a technology company or if you don’t have a large technology staff, but it can still be done with great impact. Most of our clients have either only a very small internal technology team, or none at all. We take great pride in being able to help organizations with limited tech teams or know- how to leverage technology to help them achieve their missions.

Customized eCommerce
Sometimes out of the box eCommerce doesn’t cut it for unique circumstances. Maybe, like one of our clients, you need an eCommerce solution that supports the purchase of gift cards, donations, merchandise, and fundraising. Or you are a restaurant that offers a variety of meal packages that combine many different items and levels of service around dine-in, pickup, and delivery. There are a lot of great out-of-the-box eCommerce platforms to select from if you are doing standard digital commerce, but if your needs go beyond that and you need a digital commerce customer experience that is multi-faceted, then we can help.


Is this a good investment?
Considering making an investment, acquiring, or merging with a company, but you aren’t sure of the company’s technology capabilities? We work with investment firms, banks, and acquiring companies to perform technology due diligence efforts to help them determine the technology soundness of investment, funding, or acquisition. Then, post transaction we help companies integrate applications and systems to help ensure, at least from a technology and data perspective, that the deal provides a return.

I need help connecting hardware, devices, and equipment
Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer something for the future. Customers now expect that devices connect to each other and increase their usage and experience value. We have helped manufacturers, healthcare companies, and services firms turn their disconnected and “dumb” devices into connected, “smart” ones. IoT doesn’t just benefit customers either. Sometimes devices and equipment being connected are just as valuable, if not more valuable, for companies to enable their services and operational efficiencies. Being connected is no longer an option, it is now a business and customer experience necessity.

AWH is your go-to technology partner having produced many award-winning digital products. Free up your team so they can focus on high-impact priorities. We’ve been helping clients for over two decades and provide cutting-edge services and tools that will enable you to become more competitive and secure, enhance your user experience,
increase productivity, and grow your business. We create innovative, bespoke digital products aligned to your individual goals and mission that will provide practical solutions to current and future problems. Constraints like raw material shortages, supply chain delays, customers demanding shorter turnaround times, and the inability to find enough team members are all problems that we can solve. Where can our experts help?


Constraints like raw material shortages, supply chain delays, customers demanding shorter turnaround times, and the inability to find enough team members are all problems that we can solve. Where can our experts help?

IT Managed Services
Server Management, Cloud Transition, Cloud Management, IT Security


From API Integration to Custom Integration Design and Development, we can handle all of your system integration needs in order to close gaps, remove redundancies, and streamline your business.


IoT Development
Automate your processes and increase your productivity, while also benefiting from an overall cost savings.


Mobile and Web App Design and Development
No cookie-cutter solutions here. At AWH, we develop close relationships with our clients and design elite apps and software products specifically tailored to your personal business goals. Whether you need web, iOS, or Android solutions, or a custom app, our team can build it from scratch.


Take your manufacturing and assembly to the next level by implementing a practical, yet innovative robotic solution to remove your current constraints.


Client Self-Service Systems
We can build a client self-service system to help you leverage your expertise without the constraint of limited time and team members.


Technology Due Diligence
Investments, mergers, and acquisitions often rely heavily on technology for the transaction to make operational and financial sense which means technological due diligence can’t be forgotten. We can analyze how well two company’s processes and systems will align and integrate which is paramount to a successful transaction.


Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning
Better predict demand and supply chain issues before they occur with AI and machine learning solutions


Looking for a technology solution but not sure where to start? Maybe you need to expand your current service environment, free up team members, or fill a skill gap? Don’t let inefficiencies hold your business back.


Contact us at AWH today to see how our team of experts can secure and maintain your existing technology or develop new technology products from scratch to allow your business to focus on what it does best.