The Giving Store

Since 1943, The Columbus Foundation has worked with passionate individuals, families, organizations, and businesses who show their spirit by supporting causes that strengthen and improve our community.  With the launch of The Giving Store, The Columbus Foundation transformed from a mere online giving portal to an online giving retailer, complete with powerful marketing imagery, easy to search catalogs, and targeted user messaging and now your organization can do the same.


The Giving Store is a next-generation digital hub designed to strengthen and inspire philanthropy in your community by leveraging innovative features to assist donors in connecting with the causes they care about most. Donor Advised Fund management and credit card giving offer users secure donations, white label fund management, behavior-based giving suggestions, text giving, and more. Designed and developed by The Columbus Foundation, FORT, and AWH, The Giving Store platform can be customized to reflect your brand and engage with your target audience. Whether this is your first time offering an online marketplace and engaging the wider community, or you are an experienced giving day provider, The Giving Store will expand your organization’s impact and inspire a kind community through digital engagement and transformational giving opportunities.

Global Search

No matter their need, users can search from any page of the website to access news, stories, research, non-profit tools, Better Together crowdfunding projects,  over 8,000 non-profits nationwide, and 2,000 grant and scholarship opportunities.

Customized User Experience

The Giving Store offers configurable design and content options, including role- and behavior-based personalized dashboards, email promotion zones, critical need alerts, private labeled Donor Advised Funds, and more, to deliver a branded giving experience that addresses the needs and interests of your unique audience. Our Enterprise Content Management System allows foundations to easily manage and produce customized content, update instructional text and tool tips, swap out photos, label fields, set credit card fees, and more without the need for developer intervention.

Ease of Giving

The Giving Store user dashboard provides fund holders and public givers with their giving history and helps them identify new engagement opportunities and giving suggestions based on interests and behavior. The site is fully mobile responsive, so users can easily donate online or via Text2Connect while on the go. Donors can access their user dashboard to print duplicate receipts, manage reoccurring gifts, view fund contributions and pending suggestions, access market value and available grant making balance, fund journals, and more. Non-profits can also create Better Together projects to alert donors to time-sensitive, urgent needs. A visible countdown and real-time progress bar highlight pressing non-profit needs and elevate giving days to fuel a sense of urgency and inspire giving.

Single Cart Checkout

Integrated fund and credit card management tools enable users to seamlessly make Donor Advised Fund grant suggestions and credit card gifts in one cart. Donors can set up recurring gifts, cover processing fees, and notify friends and family of donations made in their honor or in the memory of a loved one. The Giving Store can also generate behavior-based emails, including one-to-one transactional messages, to remind users of gifts in their cart and encourage shared investment with prominent calls to action.  

Nonprofit Grants Management

Nonprofits can apply for grant support via a one- or two-stage process through custom forms created by foundation staff. In stage 1, nonprofits can submit a letter of intent to be reviewed by foundation staff. After review, select nonprofits are invited to submit a full proposal through a special link via branded emails for each grant cycle.

Elevated Administrator Experience

The Giving Store’s user management capabilities enable administrators to retrieve and edit user information and create tasks for staff, which can be assigned by user or user group. The administrator impersonation feature also enables admins to log-in as any user without their credentials. This is especially helpful when suggesting donor advised fund grants or helping to troubleshoot issues.

Security and Scalability

With Microsoft Azure cloud hosting, The Giving Store offers comprehensive security and improved scalability to host large-scale events, including Giving Days, without the risk of server overload.

Data Warehouse

A centralized database brings together multiple sources/databases valuable for use in business analytics, reporting, and strategic planning. Snapshot queries for analytics do not interfere with transactional queries.

Third Party Integration Customization

Incorporate third party applications into The Giving Store to make the most of your platform experience.  Third party applications include, FoundationPower, GuideStar, Mailchimp, Mandrill, PowerBI, QuickBooks, Salesforce, Smarty Streets, and Twilio.

Next-Generation Giving

Leverage gamification and voice-activated assistance to deliver a cutting-edge digital experience. Make giving fun by engaging users in new, interactive experiences.

Data and Analytics

Microsoft Azure easily integrates with other Microsoft products to provide detailed reports on crowdfunding trends, conversions from email to gifts, Giving Day analysis, and more.

Event Management Integration

Manage all aspects of your next event – including registration, volunteer sign-up, scheduling, and contact lists for invites and reminders – directly in The Giving Store platform.

FoundationPower and Customer Relationship Management Integration

Improve fund management, streamline staff processing, and easily pull financial reports and contact lists by syncing all FoundationPower data with The Giving Store platform.  Upload data from the platform’s data warehouse directly to a customer relationship management tool like Salesforce to drive more personalized communications, insightful customer relations, and effective marketing campaigns.

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