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Editor's Note: This article was originally published by SuperbCrew, a tech news website covering innovative tech and internet companies. 

AWH is a digital product consulting, user experience, and software development firm located in Dublin, OH. From startups to enterprises, they collaborate with clients to help them build great digital products for competitive advantage and to drive impact. Areas of expertise include user research, user validation, user experience (UX), user interface design (UI), user interface development, data architecture, application architecture, API development, and analytics. To learn more about AWH, see our recent interview with Principal at AWH, Ryan Frederick:

Q: What is background on the DACA Time Partnership?

A: We first met the DACA Time team at GiveBackHack Columbus, a 54-hour hack-a-thon that brings community members together to create and launch sustainable solutions for social impact. They were in the early stages of formulating their purpose and solution. As a mentor at the event, I remember how passionate and committed the team was to helping Dreamers. DACA Time went on to win crowd favorite, as well as a prize package consisting of initial funding and in-kind services to continue product validation.

With insight into the needs of the Dreamer community – and a growing waiting list for the product – DACA Time began the search for a technology partner before ultimately selecting AWH to extend and evolve the functionality of the current web application. The partnership felt like a natural fit. At AWH, Be Great isn’t just a motto; it is important to us that we create products that positively impact people and the community – a mission much like that of the DACA Time team.

In addition to developing the DACA Time web application, AWH will build a new component to the existing application known as The Evidence Timeline. This feature will allow Dreamers to easily and securely upload documentation, such as school transcripts or bills, that proves they were in the United States during the time frame required for DACA eligibility. Once the application is completed and payment is processed, users can print out and submit their application and download all information for their records.

Q: What Advantage Does AWH Have Over Its Competitors?

A: We are obsessed with user experience and value. With over 23-years of experience, we leverage our expertise to collaborate with clients to create great digital products that delight users and provide competitive advantage. We have a proven, product creation process that ensures the product provides the desired user value and outcomes needed by the product owner.

Q: What Are Your Plans for the Next 4 Months?

A: The next 4 months will continue to be an exciting time for us as we will be continuing to extend and evolve existing products with clients like Include Health, Pelotonia, and The Columbus Foundation. We will also begin work with clients on new products to help prevent suicide and a blockchain product implementation in the manufacturing space, among others.

Q: Who Is Your Ideal Client and Why?

A: Our ideal client is an organization seeking to create a digital experience that delights users and makes the users lives better. This cuts across startups bringing new disruptive products and models to market, mid-market companies in growth mode, corporations innovating in their industries, and non-profits driving community impact.

Caitlin Zucal
Caitlin Zucal is the Marketing Manager at AWH. A graduate of The Ohio State University, she received her degree in International Studies with a concentration in Public Relations and Business. Caitlin is a passionate storyteller and enjoys combining creativity and analytical skills for the enhancement of marketing and product development.


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