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Product Learning Lab gives entrepreneurs with a non-technnical background the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and dig deep into important topics in a peer-to-peer environment about their business and product development. 

 Company Spotlight 

 (1) Collective Convenience

A mobile app platform that is the all in one tool for patients navigating the world of Cannabis. Our platforms give patients a place to catalog what cannabis products and methods of consumption work the best.  As well as a dispensary and recommendation clinic location finder.

(2) Falls Music School

A platform for students to take music lessons with instructors online in an on-demand format. Students will be matched with teachers who are available at that time, giving flexibility for teachers as well.

 (3) EngageAR

Consumer insight/marketing application that recognizes consumer products and uses augmented reality to highlight product features to get brand and product information to consumers, as well as, collect data that can be used for marketing and sales decision making.

(4) Backdraft

Backdraft is a consumer rewards platform replacing punch cards and physical rewards systems. Users can sign up and use their bank cards as their rewards card. We can help businesses get insight into their customers and grow their revenue with campaigns to drive sales.

(5) Dencar Technology

Our business is focused on integrating the sales experience of car wash operators through software controlled point of sale inclusive of site hardware & web/mobile integration, digital signage, and security/network management.

(6) Garden Box

Garden Box is a personal gardening service that sends individually picked seeds to help anyone start growing vegetables, herbs, succulents, and flowers. Customers fill out a survey online about their living situation and gardening preferences. The information provided is used by our gardening experts and smart technology to prepare the perfect Garden Box for any apartment, house, or garden bed across the U.S. Our mission is to empower people with accessible tools and education to live more sustainable lifestyles.



An enterprise will never be great at product without a commitment across the entire company. A product discipline needs to be as important as any other discipline.

Attempting to innovate without being good at product is like planning to fly around the world without knowing how to fly a plane. You have no ability to manifest it.

Even the products with the most promise can fail. How can your business overcome common obstacles to create a product users fall in love with?


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