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Business objectives and outcomes get defined. The business drivers get aligned with the application and the creation process. Audiences and users get defined. After all, they are kind of important. The overall strategy and approach of how we're going to meet the business needs and provide value to the users through an application gets defined. We're on to something really good.


From an application perspective, we start digging in and defining every aspect of the application. These include: scope definition, requirements gathering, and project planning. Now is also the time to begin preparing and planning for the business impacts of the application including promotion/awareness, support, and pricing (if applicable).


Architecture gets defined. Screens get wireframed. Design concepts come together. Code gets written. Code gets tested. We review progress with you each step of the way...every two weeks at a minimum. We iterate and adapt as necessary until the application comes to life and takes it's final form.


Promotion and awareness plans start paying real dividends. The application gets deployed. Support plans get implemented. User adoption begins and the user retention work begins. We analyze and iterate based upon user feedback and application analytics. The application roadmap comes into focus. We're on the way to delivering the business objectives and driving the business outcomes you need.

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